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Data Journalism Portals (Data Store, The Guardian) (Data Blog, The Guardian) (Los Angeles Times) (Zeit Online, Kai Biermann) (Zeit Online) (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) (Journalism in the Age of Data. A video report an data visualization as a storytelling medium)

Tools and Applications Open source tool for machine learning (when applying it for large quantities of data / integrating with Hadoop: ) NLP Software

Training Resources The Open Source Data Science Masters Machine learning trainging 10 free Data Mining Video Courses Some solid data visualization input

Data Resources"
Scrape this (– contains negative and some positive reporting Freeaccess for 30-day trial… 12 month access costs about $35 (may want to scrape) (Not free - but awesome and can get corporate responsibility data for $25 day-access to do unlimited data dumps)

Website Scrapers

Design Elements


Data Analytics Handbook Pt1 (Data Scientists / Data Analysts):
Data Analytics Handbook Pt2 (CEO's / Managers):
Data Analytics Handbook Pt3 (Researchers / Academics):
An Introduction toStatistical Learning with Applications in R /
The Elements ofStatistical Learning
Mining of MassiveDatasets
Modeling with Data
Information Theory,Inference and Learning Algorithms
A Course in MachineLearning
Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning
Machine Learning – TheComplete Guide
Machine Learning
An Introduction to DataScience
Data Mining andAnalysis, Fundamental Concepts and Algorithms
Think Bayes, BayesianStatistics Made Simple
ProbabilisticProgramming & Bayesian Methods for Hackers
A Programmer’s Guide toData Mining


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